1/6 Ciudad de La Habana

Updated: Mar 11

1/6 Ciudad de La Habana

For the Cubans, that’s how they called it « Ciudad de La Habana », the economic capital of Cuba, with its beautiful historical city center dating from the XVI’s century.

It’s so weird, well I know how can it be for y’all. But honestly let me tell you how did I get to Havana during the pandemic.

Actually at my company, because of some of the oldest employees and the pandemic, the youngest does not have many choices on where to fly.

Honestly, I love every destination, but when we had the chance to choose one or two flights a month, I usually made my choice on its departure schedule, yeah! Just Because I live about 900 km from my base (Paris) and it takes 1h15 minutes flying to get there before any flights.

So I used to choose flights from 1 pm so I had enough time to get there.

At this pandemic time, I am getting tested before every flight, so the day before. I thought also if I got tested before arrival in Cuba it would help me get a little walk outside, so I took an appointment the day before. The test center is pretty close to my house here in Nice.

And, getting tested’s ok, I hear lots of people complaining about it, but I got y’all, and understand you ( I do) But, it all depends on how the nurse does it.

So the day came, and I woke at 5 am, got to the airport, and took my flight at 6:30 am. When I arrived at my base, my before-flight briefing was supposed to start at 1:30 am, you might be asking but why did you get that early? simple, during pandemic we have like 3 flights a day from Nice to Paris, and if I don’t get the one at 6 am, I won’t arrive on time for my flight, because the second flight for the day is at 1 pm, got it?

So once I got there, thank god we have coffee machines and biscuits (not free) took a little (kind of) breakfast, and went to the restrooms that we have, to nap before the briefing, and will tell more on the next post.

But tell me, how’s the situation right now at your place?

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