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Toronto and Niagara Falls

Here we go for one more series, are you ready?

I know we can’t fly at this difficult moment, and yes I am so lucky to do it as a job. But for my fellahin the air, tell me:

are you guys being tested every time you fly?

Well, I do I get tested every time I fly, it is not mandatory for some places, but I prefer to do it for some very important and personal reasons.

So today let’s start talking about Toronto!

Toronto’s flight is great, love that city a lot, even if at this time is a bit weird. Well yeah, let tell why.

When all this pandemic started, as the city is one of my favorite I got a few flights, but I remember once, they were in a sort of walk lockdown with restaurants opened a few restrictions, as no more than four people at a table, bla bla bla and no trip outside Canadas in the last fourteen days.

So I was walking all day, and in the afternoon saw the restaurants open and had the idea to go with some colleagues, asked for the waitress about the rules, got back to the hotel and went to this restaurant that was supposed to serve dinner.

But, once we arrived at the restaurant's door, we started by filling a form with a lot of details, where the question about traveling in the last fourteen days, as we are honest, vaccinated (me I am vaccinated) and tested PCR negative in the last 72 hours, we said the truth: yes we had traveled, we just arrived from France!

wow, you can’t imagine, the waitress took some distance and said: Sorry you can’t come in!

What? yeah they refused us because we were coming from Europe

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