10/12 Selfie From the bridge Part 2...

Updated: Mar 20


Happy Monday y’all!

I believe we were talking about the power that we all have deep inside us right?

well, this post is still about it.

When I arrived at Brooklyn Bridge and realized I was almost alone, just me the sun and a bit of wind! the wind of change would you ask? well maybe, cause that confidence I felt was so strong, that I couldn’t resist loving myself for once! and I decided not to take one selfie only, that walking picture….and ok let’s go for some more, and so I did it once again.

Last post, some of you were asking me to post the places I visit as shops, restaurants, etc. But unfortunately this time, as in many locations around the world, I couldn’t visit much, most of the place is still closed in New York too. But I could only get a coffee at @starbucks, and this is not necessary to share the address with you because in New York there is one Starbucks cafe at every corner, trust me! and you can order online and take it on your way to the city discover.

So if you guys are looking to get the same itinerary that I took for this amazing walk around the city, just take a look at my guides, I’ve posted the step by step.

So before anything else, let’s push that power that lives deep inside, get your confidence up to date, and remember: once you start a thing! no one can stop you.

y’all have a great Monday, and an amazing week.

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