2/6 Little Nap

Updated: Mar 20


After the great nap, i went to the bathroom to get a little refresh! i do have some rituals before flight, have you got any?

Well here is mine: i take a towel and got some hot water over it, leave some seconds to not burn my cutie face, and put it on as a mask, after 2 or 3 minutes, i take it off and starts by shaving the feel face hair that i have.

You guys probably don’t know, but mostly of the shaving creams are really good to hydrate your skin, i use one from AVEINE, and just after shaving my fake beard , i don’t wash immediately, i take some warm water and wash my face getting the left cream on my face and massaging it with. Clean my face with the towel, and once again do the mask with the towel and the hot water for 3 more minutes, it makes our skin so smooth and perfect to put you hydrating cream, you should try it on, it really gives us a very refreshed look.

After i got all these rituals, i feel a lot confident, and so ready to fly! i took 3 floors down to the briefing, and that’s it, after the pilots tell us all the flight details, we took direction to the plane, and what a surprise the flight was quite full! and « Houston i think we got a problem ! » the passengers were flying with a lot, really a lot of hand luggage, and it took hours to fit all of them into the cabin aircraft .

In fact as you probably know that Cuba is usually on a very delicate situation, and locals wants to bring gifts etc, when they arrive at the airport they don’t have much bags, but once at the duty free shops, they buy as much as they can, so they can brig a little gift from somewhere else for their families. Sorry to be that short, but i don’t to seems too invasive on peoples attitudes.

So after try to fit all of these luggages, we could finally, take of, but we did it with two ours delay, yeah it was tough.

We took about 7 hours flight, from Paris to the Havana, when we got to the airport, during the arrival briefing, i realized just after immigration that i forgot my work iPad in the plane, oh my god i felt so bad, because we were all too tired, and because of this little detail, my faut, we had to wait for an agent to go all the way back to get it for me. it was my first time i did a such thing, and trust i’ll do my best to make it the last too.

Have you ever forgot anything in a plane and what?

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