3/6 Lucky me!

Updated: Mar 20


Lucky me the agent found my iPad, I felt much better when he brought me back. But the thing is, I was a bit too concentrated on his arrival briefing, in which he told us we the covid rules for all the arriving tourists and also for the crew.

Oh god! actually when we arrive in Cuba all the passengers have to do a covid test, is mandatory, you have no choice, after it you not free yet! nope! you have to stay at the hotel for 3 days before you get the results, so if you negative to covid 19, then you’re free to visit and go around, if not you better have good insurance to bring you back home! But for us cabin crew, the thing is going to be a bit different, remember I told you guys I got tested just before the flight, expecting to be able for a walk around the city? well, guess what, as we only get the results on the departure day, the test at the airport is not mandatory, but we have to stay lockdown at our hotel room, no matter we have been tested before arrival or not!

oh my god! I was so shocked was going to spend 24 hours closed at my hotel room, I could not believe it! so that’s the reason why I forgot my iPad, and I did not forget it in the aircraft, but where we had hours after flight briefing.

So sorry y’all but you’ll see some pictures I took before the pandemic and some I took from the room.

But now tell me what would you do 24 hours completely lockdown?

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