4/6 Good Night!

Updated: Mar 20


We got to the hotel and it was already noon, we did not have even the right to use or be around the hotel facilities, we were supposed to be permanently in our room during the stay.

It wasn’t fair, the weather was great at noon, we all wanted to have a drink together but we could not. So once in my room, I had a soup that I brought in my luggage, cause we not aloud to bring any food to Cuba, and had a biscuit with an herb tea, and went to bed around 9 pm, this is not fun, but I try to spend some time at the balcony, and thanks god we had this little balcony to watch the beautiful full moon.

I always have these dry soup to mix with water, and some protein powder for my snacks around the world, as many countries are forbidden to bring any kind of food. Once I got my super diner, shower, and a great time in bed because even the internet connection is really bad.

But now tell me:

What do you guys bring on your suitcase or hand baggage to have a snack in places you don’t have the right to bring any organic food?

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