5/6 And so i realized!

Updated: Mar 20


Well, and so I realized, gosh I feel so bad, it’s 6 am when I just woke up, the sun wasn’t there yet, so I took place at the balcony to welcome the sun.

When I opened the window bay, I got the strangest feeling I ever had, I felt the great breeze, but something wasn’t right.

In fact, my soul was realizing that for the first time I was going to spend the whole day between four walls! one bed ! an office and table chair, a bamboo sofa, a balcony, and two bamboo chairs! oh, and before I forget it: the TV, that is really not something interesting during stopovers!

I covered myself a bit because of the breeze, so I wouldn’t get a cold, but the breeze reminded me of my hometown Natal, where I use to have the same breeze in the early morning, I placed my go pro and filmed the sunrise, I didn't have the best location for it but I could see the sun lights burning the dark night like the sun was telling to the moon: now is my turn to shine!

>>>>> Now I ask you, have you found your time to shine? <<<<

That’s right here I am back to tell you that we all have to accept the moment that our confidence is up high and use it to ourselves, trust me it will naturally get people around you to the same mood, don’t wait for people's energy to get level up! do it yourself, and the good souls will follow you on way completely natural!

Y’all have a great week!

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