6/6 It was so weird!


This situation is getting too long, we all feel the need to get out of it right? but let me tell you guys:

>>>> it was weird! <<<<<

It was, I never felt that way on a stopover, watching from my balcony life outside. The sun was shining and the sky was blue! but I was locked down in the hotel room for that stay. And I felt so strange, I never had a similar situation, sure none of us, I hope. But for me I felt the pressure in my soul like I was a bird in a cage, I could not fly, discover, feel and talk to people! get directions to where the wind should me bring to, felt like I was in prison, it is sad, and I wish we can get to normal the soonest! because I feel this situation is breaking my heart.

If you wonder how does it feel to work during the pandemic, I would answer, a single word for your question: SAD

yeah I feel sad to be on a plane incomplete, I pray to God to give us back what seems normal to each of us, but this post has to be anything then SAD! and for today I want to send to all of you great and positive energy! let's change all this, let's get vaccinated and say hello again on board!

Hope you’re doing well, thanks for reading me each week or day, sometimes, see you on the net series!

but tell me :

>>> How excited are you to get back to normal? <<<<

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