9/12 A selfie from Brooklyn Bridge

Updated: Mar 20


Remember me telling you about showing myself more often?

Well, I guess I took the lesson, I am showing myself on my @instagram and a lot.

And on this post let’s still talk about that shady confidence! yeah, we all have this shy little guy, but so strong power inside of us.

And we do need to get the courage and try to put it out, cause that’s the power that will push you to get the good risks, to challenge yourself and the people around.

But wait, being confident is not about comparing yourself to what other people do.

Take it easy, being confident is about being sure about you, and you only, about what you do.

And for the others you’re the key for the help they need to change even a little thing in their lives.

No, don’t try to compare yourself to anybody, people will do it without you having to.

Once upon a time, in one of my past life (trust me is just a metaphor, but I’ve done a lot in my little life already)

I heard that from a store manager: « you are too snooty doing your job Léo » (or pretentious, it depends on how you people call it) and she said that just because I was feeling really good about doing what I loved most that time.

But there was no moment I felt like I was stronger or better than anyone, I felt just confident about what I was doing each day, and so I said to her and in a very humble tone:

«I don’t think I’m snooty at all, but listen there is no big deal on being sure about what you are doing and about our duties, that’s just confidence! »

I hope my words will help you too to push out this amazing power that’s asleep deep inside you, trust in you, talk to people like you, and if you need to talk to me, send me your thoughts and experiences let’s make our world stronger, than yesterday.

y’all have a great week-end

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