Well, the view is beautiful outside, the snow is everywhere, and the roads are quite busy.

We were talking about everything, from things that are going on right now to the things that we love most.

And the actual situation is pushing all of us down, I am in that line too, told you before, right?

But listen, we’re all in the same boat, ship, whatever you, we called it.

And me, as much as you, should all remember the things that make us happy and feel confident because if in a normal daily life we use to have a year and a half ago, we’re still in that waves that go up and down. For some of us it might seem to go often down than up high, but no matter how your graphics going, please remember those good things that make you happy. That's it and here is my tip:

When you’re feeling good up high! chose a song or album and listen to it, repeat it! listen more, read! and as late as your down moments come back! take the music album that remembers your good vibes and moments you had, you’ll see this will bring you right back in time.

At that moment we were still in the car my captain was driving us to Niagara Falls, which he wanted to see.

Can you imagine, I’m only four years old in the company, and realize that I’ve been doing things that people who have more than 15 years in the company have never done! so I can’t wait to go further with it.

Have you ever feel special about your way to enjoy life, what’s your tip?




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