#Google helped us save lives!

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Thanks for helping us save lives!

Morning to you reader of it,

My name is Leandro, I am a flight attendant on a major transatlantic company.

Last April 5th, we took off the direction to Cuba- Havana. 10 hours flight, that is usually calm, but this one announces to be a bit different.

During the flight, you probably know that we have a small time for a little rest, not much compared to what passengers can afford during the flight.

Because of the covid situation, and half passengers limit in the plane, we had about 2h30 minutes rest, and this is divided into two parts of the crew, half of the crew goes first, while the other half still on with the safety and security duties.

We had just started what we call "the guard" when suddenly a colleague asks for help by announcing on the PA that she needed help in a precise location, I immediately brought myself, and found her with a passenger on the ground fainted. another colleague and I immediately applied our procedures for that sort of case on board.

we found a doctor on board to assist us during the first aid gestures, but suddenly a huge barrier appears: the language.

The passenger and his accompany didn't speak any other language than Chinese. They had a sort of automatic translator, very known and used in Asia, but it doesn't work without internet, and we did not have an internet connection in that specific aircraft, so no way of translating anything, and we were incapable to go further with the assistance because we could not know exactly anything about his physical condition, medical background, etc.

But then I realized that I use the #Google Translate app quite often, and a long time ago I downloaded a few languages dictionary in it, those that I don't speak yet, such as Chinese. So I ren out pick up my phone, opened the app, and finally, we got to understand with words, more than the painful gestures that we could see. And so finally get as<wers to our doubts about the patient condition.

This app helped us save him, he has an ANGINA PECTORIS and was on the edge of a heart attack. It was so hard to see those gestures with his hands trying to explain to us that his chest was like compressing his heart. It was hard to see his Chinese friend too, getting desperate knowing the only question in English: will he die?

And so I want to thank you, whatever who you are for the help you gave us in saving this passenger's life, we diverted our flight to the nearest airport at that moment, and he got the paramedic needed on time.

Now please i ask you to share this post, so my message can get to Google, thank you for your help.

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