12/12 Remember where it all begins?

Updated: Mar 20

12/12 - Last but not least.

We must remember where it all comes from!

You’ve been reading this New york session in 12 articles, and yeah most of the words seem easy to write, or maybe to say it deep inside our minds, I admit it!

But guess what? it feels so much better when we say it to ourselves those words that we would love to hear, but no one says! trust me, it won’t transform you in a super dumb bossy bitch! with moderation, you will transform your soul, and those bad negatives souls will naturally get distant to you, don’t think you are weird, because it is not you but themselves .

Feel free to be you! that’s the word that goes better with my trip to New York!

Hope you all enjoyed it, please comment here in the blog and either on my @instagram, all your thoughts, and wishes to destinations and subjects we should talk about.

it was an amazing day I’ve spent at the big apple, and I wish you all an amazing Sunday, and don’t forget Monday we’re going somewhere else, are you coming with me?

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